Your first answer to this question may well be – why would I?! There are many responses to this but hopefully after covering the reasons why you should look at a website redesign, this will be answered..

It’s fair to say that if you have a website, like most things, it won’t last for ever in its current state..You decorate your house every few years, you maybe change your car – granted, for different reasons to a website but, the website you design and build today for your business WILL NOT LAST FOREVER!


Okay so, your shiny new website has gone live, it’s a vast improvement on the old website, looks better, has adopted your brand well, has great functionality, generates more leads or orders (depending if eCommerce or not) and everyone is very happy with it.. (obviously the hard work starts now on the site’s promotion) so why would it ever need to change?

Below are some key reasons why your website may need redesigning/rebuilding;

  • It no longer fulfills the initial requirements you had for it
  • You have rebranded
  • It has been bypassed by the competition
  • You are getting hit with SEO penalties from algorithm Google updates
  • There are security ‘holes’ from outdated software or scripts
  • It is missing out on social media integration
  • It fails to deliver mobile visitors with a device-friendly version of their site
  • Lack of browser compatibility
  • It no longer matches your needs
  • It needs more functionality than the current platform can provide
  • Your industry demands it
  • Time
  • It no longer aligns with my customer demands

Wow, a lot of reasons to change your website but it’s unlikely yours would be suffering from all the above so don’t panic!

Let’s pull out a few of the points above and dig a little deeper:

It no longer fulfills the initial requirements you had for it –

I really like this one as it goes way back to when you were considering your new website in the first place;

  • What were the reasons for the new site?
  • What were the key performance indicators: traffic, leads, sales, SEO etc?
  • How were you going to measure the above?
  • Who was your target audience?

Putting design to the back of the queue, the above should be some of the points you considered when you were thinking about your new site. (For more information on this, take a look at our blog ‘why your website should not be  a creative-led process‘)

Of course the reasons for your website could easily have changed over the years as your business evolves or focuses on new opportunities but the evaluation points above should always be considered.

Failing to deliver mobile visitors with a device-friendly version of their site –


Surely there are no business website’s around today that aren’t mobile-friendly?!

Believe it or not, we come across them all the time…and to be fair, there’s often some okay reasons why they aren’t mobile-friendly but, in developing a new site, we always change that..

It’s hard to think of a reason why any modern business wouldn’t want a website that delivers a great experience across all devices especially when nearly 60% of searches on Google are now performed on a mobile!

Make sure your next website caters for all users across all devices..

It needs more functionality than the current platform can provide –

This is quite a common outcome over the years of running a website.

The website was built on a very basic CMS or eCommerce solution that just doesn’t ‘cut the mustard’ anymore and it’s as costly to adjust it as it is to start from scratch..OR – the site was built on the very latest, top of the range, Platinum level CMS that does everything you could possibly want and loads you’ll never need and, your new staff just can’t get their head around how it works and its complexity..

Either way, no CMS or eCommerce solution is totally future-proof but, building as much flexibility into the new site as is possible with the information and requirements you know of is all you can really do. Our feeling (totally unbiased obviously) is that the average life of a website without needing a major overhaul or rebuild is 3 years – does one of the above mentioned points crop up in that time period? – very probably..

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