Your current eCommerce website has been live a number of years, it generates sales revenue, is quick to load and easy to use so why be concerned at all?

We were recently asked this very question by a customer who inherited a website and wanted us to check it and get some thoughts together on the future of the website.

Which platform?

Firstly we delved into the website admin, checked out the eCommerce platform and the version installed, oh, 6 versions out of date and no longer supported from 2018…Many of the missed updates were security related too = a problem waiting to happen..

eCommerce functionality

In general, although dated, the functionality was okay if not basic, all the information you’d want to see as a website owner was there, you could see orders, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly order values, visitor numbers and conversion rates so all looked positive, or did it?!

When we delved deeper and did some comparisons, we could see that average order value was down, total revenue was down and conversion rates were down year on year, so, general performance was on a downturn.

Front end experience

Obviously an older site may look a little dated, not be full screen and may not resolve well across all browsers. Speed of page load is a key issue as is, particularly with an eCommerce site, general user experience – how easy is it to browse products, add to basket, checkout and complete your order?

And that’s on a desktop or laptop, what about on a mobile? With average conversion rates ranging from 1.84% on a mobile to 3.94 on a desktop in Q3 2018 (source Smart Insights) and the % of eCommerce on a mobile expected to be over 50% by 2021, the mobile experience is of great importance.

Then we need to look at CTA’s (calls to action) font types, button styles/colours and positioning, the list goes on.

Will the design, layout and user experience of your current site match user expectations, handle new browser versions and maintain optimum functionality and conversion rates to increase your revenue stream in years to come?

What to do?

So, we have an outdated, unsupported eCommerce platform with a falling revenue and conversion rates. We could keep it going, update to the last known version and generally hold it together and support it. Maybe even make some front-end design changes to improve the experience but, are we just pushing cash down a large hole?

Our recommendation is to migrate all the content, orders and order history to a new, up to date, supported platform, improve the design layout, user experience and route to order completion and start improving conversion rates and revenue. On a particular website we looked at, a 0.1% increase in conversion rate was equivalent to over £40000/year in increased revenue, surely a no-brainer..

If you think your current eCommerce site is starting to fail you, why don’t we have a chat?