Brand isn’t just a logo, or even a full sleeve – it’s right to your inner core. So, if it’s something you’re looking into, take a look at our top 5 points to consider.

1) If you were famous who would you be – would you exude the intellect of Stephen Fry or the comedy of Peter Kay? Define your personality – ask your customers what they think of you?

2) Tone of voice – Always be clear and easy to understand, but incorporate a tone to suit your business – formal, friendly, fearless.

3) Dress for the occasion – are you suited and booted or smart-casual? What’s your imagery and how do you want to be viewed.

4) Typography – choose your font and stick with it on everything you create, its your handwriting

5) Logo – finally we get to the logo. Once everything else is defined, what icon is going to make a single statement that represented your business? Chances are your won’t compete with Apple or Audi but this is your logo, take time to define it and then own and use it wherever you place your brand.

Does all this leave you cold, not knowing where to start? We’ll help you along the way, but first, let’s talk..