Content has been the buzz word for a while now, with web time for adults at an average of 9.73 hours/day (source: Business Today) and views of cats on You Tube an amazing 25 billion (source: The Conversation)

The demand on businesses to compete for consumer’s time is a challenge.

Vital Agency recommends 6 simple solutions:

  • create a relevant blog each month
  • from this, generate your social posts, make them specific to the channels you use
  • engage and include a call to action
  • ask yourself, what’s the purpose of the content? Do you want to spark debate, deliver likes and clicks or generate business leads and sales?
  • enjoy it! This is a sales platform, shout about what you do, excite your readers and get them coming back for more.
  • remember word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, to be recommended you need to be always on, present and responsive – so, if you get any comments on your content, always reply and acknowledge the time someone is taking to interact with your brand

When time and resources are stretched it can be difficult to achieve being ‘always on’. If this sounds like you, develop a monthly content plan each quarter. Set aside time to create your blog and check your social channels daily.

Still don’t have the time? Let us help – our content team can work with you to understand your business objective and develop your content and social media activity, so you can concentrate on your other tasks. Or have a well-earned cup of tea.